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Modern Romantic Wedding Gowns

Here's the second installment of the latest collection, the low down on the inspiration for the Romantique gowns and more evocative photos from Cinzia Bruschini.I'm so proud that every gown is designed and made in London and the quality is exquisite! The gowns are handmade in luxurious silks and french laces so they feel fluid and light against the body. La Poésie brides are really relieved to find a wedding dress that embodies their free-spirit and their independent tastes. They look happy and relaxed on their big day and they are best and main source of inspiration for the collection.

Zoe sexy lace back

Please see our stockist page for where to purchase the one.

Zoe gown with long silk sleeves and a tailored yet feminine look.

Stephanie in French lace and silk with V neck, stylish, sophisticated and stunning.

Steffi French lace and silk with long lace sleeves

Steffi French lace and silk with long lace sleeves. Beautiful.


Laura Hamisultane Model


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