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London's Most Exciting Bridal Boutique Heart Aflutter

Heart Aflutter is a unique, stylish and exciting bridal studio and also one of my longest-standing and most cherished stockists! I’ve always felt they have an instinctive understanding of La Poésie Bridal and the stylish non-traditional brides that they attract.

Heart Aflutter bridal studio in set in vibrant East London focusing on untraditional bridal looks. A stress-free and relaxed journey to choosing your wedding dress awaits you.

During your appointment you will have exclusive use of the bridal studio, where you will be able to browse the collection and try on the dresses you like in an intimate environment.

Heart Aflutter Bridal Studio Interior

Heart Aflutter Bridal Studio Interior

What brides say about Heart Aflutter:

Amazing! Had such a brilliant time, with wonderful informed and kind guidance that led to me buying my gorgeous wedding dress. I'm so happy! The only difficult part, was trying to decide which of the fabulous dresses to get - they were all so lovely!

Amazing experience: loved the studio; loved the dresses; found Elie a wonderful mix of fun, practical and helpful (particularly in gently steering me away from a style of dress which wouldn't have suited me at all); and, I found my dress. So glad I stumbled across your studio via some extensive googling of dress shops. I only went to you and one other shop and I could have happily not bothered to have gone to the other one having tried on your stylish beautiful dresses. Thank you so much!

Heart Aflutter Bridal Studio Interior

I really loved the selection of dresses at Heart A Flutter, I was becoming a little disheartened with the wedding dress experience having tried on a number of dresses that just weren't me. It made such a different to try on so many dresses that I loved, which ultimately made my final decision really very difficult! The majority of dresses were size 12 which made a big different in terms of seeing what they should really look like (rather than squeezing one leg into a size 10!) and the lady who looked after us was very professional and friendly and had a real eye for what would suit my body type. Thank you so so much xx

What lovely words! They make me smile.

Heart Aflutter Bridal Studio Happy Brides
Heart Aflutter Bridal Studio Award

Here's how to get an appointment

Heart Aflutter Bridal Boutique Studio 104, Netil House 1A Westgate Street London E8 3RL


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